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06/06/06 - The Captain has joined the MySpace community.

04/17/04 - The Captain is currently on tour with MISERY throughout Canada until July. More news and updates to follow in the coming months.

01/27/04 - Added a new Pustulated mp3 on the Audio page.

01/20/04 - Updated the discography section with the new Pustulated CD "Inherited Cryptorchidism".

01/16/04 - A new webmaster has joined the platoon. Look for lots of updates soon.

03/19/03 - Captain Killdrums is currently on tour through June. The Captain will be on tour in Canada with MISERY through April, and in Europe doing a double bill with AXTRA and former Iron Maiden singer PAUL DI'ANNO through May, with another Canadian leg with MISERY in June. Stay tuned for updates from the road!

10/21/02 - Captain Killdrums has just finished recording the new Ceremony demo (featuring Steve Tucker, ex-Morbid Angel). The Captain is currently on tour with Misery through December. The Modern Drummer issue with the Captain featured in the "On the Move" section will be out the last week of October. More updates coming soon!

09/16/02 - We've changed slightly, more or less the same layout but a new look. We've got new video clips to download and audio clips as well. Visit each section respectively to check those out. We've also straightened out the drum kit photos so it's a bit more organized now.

Special thanks to Andy for adding the Captain's Ludwig Vistalite and Zickos sets on VISTALITES.COM! Check it out.

Captain Killdrums will be appearing in the December issue of Modern Drummer in their "On The Move" column.

The Captain's bio has been updated as well.

7/25/02 - Captain Killdrums has recently completed a tour of Canada. Two new CD's have been added to the discography section, the new DISLIMB split cd, and the PUSTULATED MCD. Sound samples have been added in the Audio section. Look for more updates soon, as well as new videos and pics!

01/02/02 - Updates from the road! Captain Killdrums is currently on tour in Europe with MISERY and AXTRA. It is reported that things are going great... Lots of metal, drums, and sweat! Stay tuned for updates from the road and more!

11/16/01 - Photos section updated with some great shots of the Captain's antics.

10/23/01 - Discography section updated to include BRODEQUIN's latest release, "Festival Of Death".

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