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(Pictured above): TAMA Granstar kit in gun metallic grey finish, w/TAMA Power Tower rack system, Axis pedals and Zildjian/Paiste cymbals, Matador timbales, Premier heavy rock 9 snare, w/mounted sawblade, boat propeller and vibra-slap.

(Pictured above): White vintage North kit, all-original w/North rack. This kit is currently under construction.

(Pictured above): Black Pearl Export series w/Paiste Vision cymbals, Gibraltar rack, 4 kick drums, 1 octabon, 6 rack toms, 1 floor tom, and 1 snare make up this ridiculous kit.

(Pictured above): Red Premier drum kit on custom Falicon rack, 13" maple Peavey RadialPro 1000 snare, Zildjian cymbals w/48" Zildjian gong.

(Pictured above): 70's Ludwig Vistalite custom kit w/30" kick drum, 12" tom, 16" floor tom, and 14" snare, Ludwig Speedking pedal. Special thanks to the people at Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville, TN for the killer custom work. For more info on this kit, visit VISTALITES.COM

Even more drum kits coming in the future!

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