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Chad Walls (aka CPT KILLDRUMS) began playing drums out of his fascination with PETER CRISS of KISS. While in the High School Band Program, and several different garage bands, he was able to put together OUTCAST, an all-original metal project. OUTCAST recorded one 4 song demo entitled "Atomic City Trash" and played dozens of local and regional shows.

After High School, Chad enrolled in the U.S. Army to help finance a music career, and a move to LA. After 4 years in the Army and playing in several bands from a country group in Oklahoma, to a rock cover band in Hawaii, plus a short stint with the 77th Army Band in Ft. Sill OK. He went to LA several times, and visited MIT (Musician's Institute of Technology) and decided LA wasn't right for him. He returned home to Tennessee and quickly jumped back into the music scene, taking every job from classic rock, to Top 40, country and western, and blues. He also joined his first death metal band BESIEGED and recorded 2 demos with them, a 4 song, and a 9 song effort.

While in BESIEGED, he recorded an alternative full length with a band called PUNJAB. After the 2 demos and several shows, Chad left BESIEGED for a touring opportunity. That touring opportunity being with Ottawa, Canada's MISERY, a tribute to METALLICA. From 1996 to the end of 1997, he performed over 200 shows a year in 3 countries. During this time he also perfomed with ENTER SELF, a local metal act from Knoxville TN. When not on the road he rehearsed with them, and played every metal fest in the US, as well as recorded their full length "Awaken In Agony" on Lost Disciple Records, and doing "Mandatory Suicide" for Gateway To Hell 2, a Slayer tribute on Dwell Records.

After departure from MISERY and ENTER SELF, 1998 saw a move to LA to perform with HOTTER THAN HELL, a KISS tribute band. Touring with HOTTER THAN HELL 'til the end of 1998, he left the band to concentrate on BRODEQUIN, a death metal project that had started only a month before tour obligations with HOTTER THAN HELL. Since the end of 1998, BRODEQUIN have released a 4 song demo, a full-length CD "Instruments Of Torture" which has been reissued by Ablated Records, "Festival Of Death", another full-length CD on Unmatched Brutality Records, as well as an appearance on "Created To Kill", a four-way split CD from Bones Brigade in France ("Instruments Of Torture" and "Festival Of Death" have both been released on cassette in Indonesia; "Instruments Of Torture" has also been released on vinyl in Spain). BRODEQUIN have done two US tours.

In 2001, he began touring with METALLICA tribute band MISERY again in Canada. From December 2001 - January 2002, Chad played on European dates with MISERY and Megadeth tribute act AXTRA from Turino, Italy.

2002 saw recording appearances on DISLIMB's "Bleeding Anxiety" CD and PUSTULATED's "Pathognomonic Purelency" disc.

More touring is lined up for fall/winter of 2002, and a feature in Modern Drummer is coming up in the December 2002 issue, due on newsstands at the end of October 2002.

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